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Climate Week is here


Reaching net zero and preparing for the ongoing effects of climate change is key to tackling the global climate emergency. Climate Week is an excellent opportunity to discover what each of us can do to help make it happen. Next month all eyes will be upon Scotland and our ambitious climate change targets at COP26 in Glasgow. As heads of state, climate experts and negotiators come together to tackle the global climate emergency, we’re using Climate Week to showcase the work we’re doing to help Scotland reach net zero.

Heat pumps and the journey to net zero

Improving the efficiency of your home heating system is one of the most important steps you can take to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Heat pumps – usually air source or ground source – are modern, low carbon heating systems that are much more energy efficient than boilers and traditional electric heating.

We’re here to help you make the change. We’ve published new articles about heat pumps where we explain how they work, debunk some common myths, outline what financial support’s available, and explain how to get started.

You can also be inspired by our heat pump heroes – homeowners who’ve already made the switch to low carbon heating and are keen to encourage others to make the switch too. Find out more about their experiences.

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Warmer Homes Scotland

Many homes in Scotland are heated by fossil fuels that add to climate change. It can also lead to high heating bills. If you are struggling with your energy bills you may qualify for help from the Warmer Homes Scotland programme. Most eligible households get around £5,000 of and on average reduce their heating bill by £350 per year. In addition to making your home more energy efficient, comfortable and cheaper to heat it will also help contribute to lowering emissions.

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How good is your energy saving knowledge?

Take our quiz to find out. You’ll pick up tips to help you save energy and money at home – and if you leave your details, you’ll be in with the chance of winning £500 towards your energy bills. Show how energy savvy you are by sharing your score and challenge your friends to take the quiz too!

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Save food and beat the bin!

Scottish households throw away over 600,000 tonnes of food waste annually. It takes water, energy, fuel and packaging to produce the food we all love and buy. Does it really belong in the bin?

Stopping avoidable food waste in Scotland would have the same environmental impact as taking one in four cars off the road – and could save you over £400 a year.

Discover simple ways to reduce food waste at home.

The benefits of active travel

Active travel is all about getting you moving from A to B in ways that don’t use fossil fuels. This is good for the planet and your community as you reduce congestion and emissions, as well as being good for your health and wellbeing; all while saving you money.

Plus, it’s quicker than you think – on average, you can walk a mile in around 15 – 20 minutes or cycle it in just 5! It could take longer to find your car keys!

Find out more about active travel.

Family fun at Woodlands Climate Action Eco-Fair

If you are in the Glasgow area visit Home Energy Scotland at this family friendly event. Part of COP26 Climate Fringe Week, there will be tips and demonstrations on how to repair, reuse and recycle, active travel, reducing food waste, composting, and ecological gardening; a sustainable clothing stall for children, and a poster making workshop!

Chat to our team and get free, impartial advice to help you live more sustainably and learn more about the support on offer from the Scottish Government, including our interest-free ebike loan.

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Whether you’re just starting your personal journey to net zero or are well on your way, we are here to help with advice, tools and funding – what better time to get in touch with us than in Climate Week?

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