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COVID-19 FAQs for Home Energy Scotland partners

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Is Home Energy Scotland still open?

Yes – we’re still here and working hard to help anyone struggling to stay warm or manage their energy bills during this tricky time. All Home Energy Scotland staff are working from home, and we’re able to make and receive calls as usual.

As Scotland’s lockdown continues to ease, we’re able to offer some home visits again. We’re working to keep our customers, and our specialist advisors, safe while we do this – watch our video to find out more.

Warmer Homes Scotland surveys and installation work resumed on 2 July, with new health and safety protocols in place.

Can I still refer clients to Home Energy Scotland?

We’re encouraging partners to refer their clients to Home Energy Scotland, especially if they’re finding it hard to stay warm and keep up with their bills. We’re staying up to date with developments in the energy sector and we’re working with the Scottish Government to make sure our support remains available to the most vulnerable households in Scotland. Please continue to refer using our portal at https://hespartnerships.est.org.uk or find your local partnership contact here.

I’ve never used the referral portal – can I still be set up on this?

Our secure online portal allows you to make a referral at any time, using any device – all you need is access to the internet. Once you’ve made the referral, our advice centre gets a notification to contact the householder. You can check the progress and get reports on your referrals at any time. We’re more than happy to set up new users and can take you through how to use the portal with a remote training session. Just email HES_Partnerships@est.org.uk to arrange this.

Can Home Energy Scotland help partners with coronavirus-related projects?

Yes – we reached out to councils and other organisations to see if they needed support, particularly with reaching vulnerable people as our advisors are already well used to this. This case study details how Home Energy Scotland supported Aberdeen City Council by calling residents who received shielding letters. Other interested organisations are invited to get in touch by emailing HES_Partnerships@est.org.uk

Is there any funding available to help my organisation support our clients during the pandemic?

The Scottish Government announced an additional £350 million on 18 March to support those most affected by the pandemic. This funding is being made available to help councils, third sector and community organisations respond quickly to local needs. SCVO’s Third Sector Information Hub has information about all the funding available.