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Cycle to Work Day

Woman riding her bike for cycle to work day

Today is Cycle to Work Day – an annual event hosted by Cyclescheme that encourages commuters across the UK to get on their bike. Cycling comes with a number of benefits – it’s great for your health, cuts pollution and can even save you some money.

Cycling to work cuts emissions

In Scotland, transport is the largest contributor to our emissions. More than half of journeys made in Scotland are under 5km – and active travel is a great way to make these journeys without harming the environment. Opting to cycle to work will help cut down local pollution and cut Scotland’s emissions.

Active travel also improves your cardiovascular fitness – and can be great for your mental health too. Cycling, in particular, lets you travel further distances and enjoy a greater sense of freedom.

It can reduce your expenses

You can also save money on fuel costs. Reducing your car use by a quarter could save you around £200 per year – helping you keep your bills down. Maintenance is also usually cheaper than motor vehicles and you can also avoid parking fees.

If you’re cycling to work for the first time today you might feel a little nervous. We recommend checking your route in advance, giving yourself plenty of time and taking a puncture repair kit with you. Our friends over at Sustrans have some great guides to the National Cycling Network.

Advice for first timers

We’ve also got some tips from colleagues at Home Energy Scotland that cycle to work:

“Remember to factor in time for a shower and change of clothes.” – Felicity Tolley, senior programme manager.

“If you’re cycling on roads make sure you’re aware of some basic skills – Cycling Scotland have a handy guide to help you. Remember though that if you’re worried about a particular section you can always get off and wheel your bike until you feel ready.” – Sophie Forbes, assistant programme manager.

“When I first started cycling to work, I was worried about any maintenance issues popping up. Take a small toolkit, puncture repair kit and hand pump for extra peace of mind. You can also perform an M check either before you leave or when you get home to make sure your bike is ready.” – Arran Close, social media executive.

“I find cycling to work to be a great buffer that helps separate home from the office. It’s a great way to build and maintain a healthy work-life balance.” – Scott Tipple, project manager for renewables.

“If you are locking your bike outside the office make sure you’re using a good quality D-lock. Also, in busier times, take note of how much quicker you are moving than general traffic by going by bike. It makes the whole experience even more satisfying.” – Iain MacLeod, technical manager.

You might also be thinking about getting an eBike to cycle to work. These are a great option if there are a few hills on your commute. Energy Saving Trust offers an interest free loan (funded by Transport Scotland) which you can use to purchase up to two eBikes, one cargo bike or an adapted cycle. You can find out more information on our eBike loan page, or give us a call on 0808 808 2282 to check your eligibility and request an application.