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Earth Day 2022

earth day home energy scotland 2022

Today (22 April) is Earth Day.

This year’s theme is Invest In Our Planet. It calls on all of us – governments, businesses, individuals and society at large – to work together to protect the future of our home: Planet Earth. You can help by looking at new ways to heat your home, travel and reduce consumption.

In the midst of the largest energy price increase in a decade it’s important to make energy saving switches not just to save the planet – but to reduce your own energy bills. Record global gas prices are driving this increase in costs: so investing in a more sustainable home is a great way to cut down your future bills.

Here are some of the ways you can invest in your home and Invest In Our Planet:

You can also Invest In Our Planet by considering new transport options:

The best way you can Invest In Our Planet is by reducing how much you consume. Take our Home Energy Check to find out how you can reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills at the same time.

For more advice about the funding on offer and how to reduce your energy consumption give us a call on 0808 808 2282 to speak to one of our friendly advisors. We’re open Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm; and Saturday, 9am – 5pm. Alternatively, complete our contact form for an email or call back.