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Electric bikes are cycle-logical step

Two men cycling in the countryside

The use of electric bikes continues to grow in popularity across Scotland during lockdown. Many of us have been embracing active travel as we take advantage of quieter streets and avoid non-essential driving. Electric bikes, otherwise known as ebikes, are a great choice if you’d like a little extra assistance up any hills or have a longer journey to make. eBikes are less strenuous to use than traditional bikes, as an onboard motor, powered by rechargeable batteries, is there to assist as you pedal. This can make cycling more accessible and improve your overall fitness and health.

“During lockdown, and hopefully beyond, more and more people are appreciating the benefits of having access to a bike or an ebike as an enjoyable way to travel. The interest-free eBike Loan, delivered by Energy Saving Trust and funded by Transport Scotland, helps you spread the cost of a new ebike over four years. The money you’ll save on petrol might even cover your monthly loan repayments!” said Ellie Grebenik, Senior Programme Manager, Energy Saving Trust.

By switching to active travel, air pollution decreases and our health improves as cleaner air reduces instances of asthma, bronchitis and chronic heart disease. During the first month of lockdown the reduction in vehicles on the road resulted in an immediate improvement in air quality in Scotland. You will also see significant savings – the average Scottish driver spends £15 on fuel a week. Replacing car journeys by just 25% could save up to £202 a year in fuel costs.

The eBike Loan offers interest-free funding for a new ebike, ecargo or adaptive bike, repayable over four years. The loan aims to ensure that this form of low carbon transport is accessible to everyone in Scotland. For more information call Home Energy Scotland free on 0808 808 2282.