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Landlords can meet minimum energy efficiency standards with help from Home Energy Scotland

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Minimum energy efficiency standards for privately rented homes in Scotland are coming into force from April 2020. If you’re a private landlord and need to make improvements to your property, now’s the time to start. Home Energy Scotland can talk you through the new standards and help you work out what improvements to prioritise over your whole portfolio.

Get the latest information on the new standards

Setting minimum energy efficiency standards is a positive move from the Scottish Government to help improve conditions for tenants in the coldest homes, tackle fuel poverty, and reduce carbon emissions. Making energy efficiency upgrades could also make your properties more attractive to new tenants, lead to lower turnover of tenancies, and reduce potential problems like damp.

Your properties will need to meet these minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings:

  • If you’re starting a new tenancy the property, will need to have an EPC of at least band E by 1 April 2020, and band D by 1 April 2022.
  • All rented properties need to have an EPC of at least band E by 31 March 2022, band D by 31 March 2025, and band C by 2030.
  • The Scottish Government has also consulted on a standard that would require an EPC of band C if you’re starting a new tenancy from 1 April 2025.

The Scottish Government published draft regulations and guidance on 17 June 2019, detailing how the standards will be applied and which properties will be covered by the regulations. Some exemptions are proposed, as well as a cost cap – you’ll find full details here. Minimum standards will be enforced by local authorities and financial penalties have been proposed for landlords who don’t comply.

But don’t worry, Home Energy Scotland is here to help you get things in place before the new standards kick in and make the best decisions in the long term.

Free, tailored advice from local specialists

Whether you’re looking for a full assessment of your properties, need someone to chat through your EPC or would like advice on funding, Home Energy Scotland can help. This free, impartial advice service is funded by the Scottish Government, with specially trained advisors covering the whole of Scotland.

A private landlord specialist from Home Energy Scotland could visit your rental property and assess what energy efficiency improvements you could make. You’ll get a tailored report which outlines:

  • The recommended measures
  • The approximate cost of making improvements
  • Information about funding to help cover the cost
  • Potential financial and carbon savings.

The specialist will talk you through the report and help you decide what’s right for you. You can also get advice over the phone at a time that suits you – just call 0808 808 2282.