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Real life customer stories

At Home Energy Scotland we help tens of thousands of people every year, and the feedback we get is that we change lives for the better.

In fact, our service is so good we’ve been rated as being ‘world class’ on a par with the likes of John Lewis when it comes to putting the customer first.

Lots of our customers are happy for their stories to be published to inspire other people to get in touch and start their journey to lower bills, a warmer home or a greener lifestyle.

These are all real case studies that show how Home Energy Scotland have helped save energy, lower bills and cut carbon.

Colin’s ebike

Colin Wright knew that with the right ebike, he could use it for trips to the shops, to see friends and family, and on longer tours around Scotland.
Person cutting fabric for clothing

Lockdown offers opportunity to unite staff and focus on sustainability

Staff from rental clothing business ACS Clothing Ltd benefited from Home Energy Scotland’s digital outreach support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs P can stay cosy at home thanks to help from Warmer Homes Scotland

Finding her home hard to heat, Mrs P got in touch and found out she could receive a free central heating system under the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme.
Man on laptop at home talking on the phone

John gets advice on switching from a restricted meter to a single meter

John has electric heating and his meter type meant he was tied to one electricity supplier. He got his meter changed, so he can now shop around for a better deal.
An Edinburgh Leisure employee helping a woman on a treadmill

Helping Edinburgh Leisure go green

We’ve been working with Edinburgh’s biggest leisure provider since 2015, training staff and giving energy saving advice.
People speaking at a community event

Saving carbon with Gate Church International

We’ve been supporting Gate Church International, a vibrant church group in Dundee aspiring to be Scotland’s greenest church, since their first Climate Challenge Fund grant in 2014.

We're here to help

We've got the know-how and the facts and figures to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Call us on 0808 808 2282 and see what we can do to help.