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Working together to help offset the rising cost of energy

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Many Scottish households will see an increase in their energy bills from 1 April 2022 as a result of the increase to the energy price cap announced by Ofgem earlier this month. The increase, driven by a record rise in global gas prices over the last 6 months, has seen wholesale prices quadrupling in the last year.

The energy price cap was introduced by Ofgem back in 2019 to protect customers on standard energy tariffs. The cap is the maximum amount that energy suppliers can charge for their energy. Consumers on a default tariff paying by direct debit will see an average increase of £693 from £1,277 to £1,971 per year, and those using a prepayment meter will see an average increase of £708 from £1,309 to £2,017. The impact of this increase on a household’s annual cost will depend on their energy use.

If you want to help someone you know keep warm at home and make the money they spend on energy stretch as far as possible please refer them to us through our secure partner portal. If you are not yet signed up you can find out more here.

Partner organisations offering financial support

For help with energy bills or payments, there are many organisations that can help. Home Energy Scotland works closely with these organisations and will refer householders to them for fuel vouchers or crisis funds. Often the quickest way to access financial support is to reach out directly to organisations with the expertise to help.

If your clients are struggling to top up their meter key, deal with debt, having issues with their energy supplier, or dealing with an energy bill discrepancy, this article lists where to turn for financial support.

Trusted advice and support

We’re urging households worried about the price increase to get in touch with us so we can help to reduce their heating bills before the higher price cap comes into effect in April. Home Energy Scotland helps people save on energy bills by giving tailored, practical advice on no-cost and low-cost ways to use less energy, and make improvements to the home like draughtproofing, insulation, and efficient heating. This helps householders make most of the energy they are paying for and reduce energy use at home. Our advisors can check eligibility for support through a grant or interest-free loan.

Not all energy saving measures are expensive and time consuming. We offer practical quick wins that will help households lower their energy use and start saving up to £356 a year on energy bills.

Warmer Homes Scotland

Eligible households could benefit from improvements like home insulation, draught proofing or a new heating system through the Scottish Government’s Warmer Homes Scotland programme. Most eligible households have received around £5,000 of support and on average reduced their heating bill by £300 per year. The amount that a household could save on bills will increase as the price of energy increases.

The Warmer Homes Scotland programme is available to homeowners and private sector tenants struggling to heat their home, who have lived in their home for at least twelve months, and who meet the specific eligibility criteria. Help your clients get ahead of the price cap increase by referring your clients to us. Even if they’re not eligible for Warmer Homes Scotland, we can still provide tailored advice and support.

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