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International Day of Sign Languages

Woman using sign language

Today is International Day of Sign Languages. At Home Energy Scotland we are proud to offer an accessible service – including for those who use British Sign Language (BSL).

Earlier this year we won the Happy to Translate Member of the Year Award. This was thanks not just to our high-quality service in international languages, but also as a result of our commitment to inclusive resources.

Many of our partners also offer great resources for people who use BSL. Here are some great videos to help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Trust – Cut your bills with these energy saving hacks (British Sign Language)

Scottish Water: How can you save water

Food Standards Scotland: Best before dates on food

Net Zero Scotland: Climate Emergency (40″ Subtitled and British Sign Language)

Are you looking for more tailored advice?

You can now receive advice via phone, email or social media. Check out the contact us page for more information.

If your organisation works with people who use sign language, braille or international languages get in touch to find out how we can help. We’d love to hear your ideas on how we can help your clients and community.