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Lessons from COP26

As the dust settles and world leaders from all corners of the globe leave Glasgow, many Scots will be wondering what the outcomes of these discussions mean for you.
man standing outside a house with a heat pump in the foreground

Meet our heat pump heroes

Heat pumps - usually air source or ground source - are modern, low carbon heating systems; meet homeowners who've already made the switch.

More funding for warmer, greener homes

The Scottish Government has announced an additional £18m of funding to help householders install energy efficient measures and reduce their heating bills this winter, available through Home Energy Scotland.

Avoiding energy scams

Energy has been making the news. Whether it’s through COP26, the rising energy prices or reducing energy use, more people are talking about energy. Along with this rising interest there has also been an increase in misleading marketing from dishonest organisations attempting to capitalise on it.

Stay warm at home with our winter tips

As the evenings getting shorter and winter creeping in, we give you some tips to keep cosy at home without it costing the earth.
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Partnering for a fairer future

As attention turns to COP26 and the climate crisis, we continue to support those struggling with fuel poverty and working with our partners to help ensure a just transition to net zero. By working together, we can identify and assist the people who need our help the most no matter where they live. Get inspired…