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Partnering for a fairer future

As attention turns to COP26 and the climate crisis, we continue to support those struggling with fuel poverty and working with our partners to help ensure a just transition to net zero. By working together, we can identify and assist the people who need our help the most no matter where they live. Get inspired…

Community climate festivals announced

With only a few weeks to go until COP26 comes to Glasgow, there’s a feeling in the air that the tide of climate action might be on cusp of turning. Echoing the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon’s sentiments that “COP26 will be the world’s best chance, possibly one of our last chances, of limiting…

Climate Week is here

Reaching net zero and preparing for the ongoing effects of climate change is key to tackling the global climate emergency. Climate Week is an excellent opportunity to discover what each of us can do to help make it happen. Next month all eyes will be upon Scotland and our ambitious climate change targets at COP26…

Our popular competition is back!

Good news for households all across Scotland: our competition is back, giving you the chance to win £500 towards your energy bills!

Our partnerships help us reach more people

As we start to turn our attention to the green recovery, it’s more important than ever that we work to develop both new partnerships and new opportunities through our existing partnerships.

Energy Saving Trust’s new research finds more than half of Scots are aware of heat pumps

New research by Energy Saving Trust reveals that just over half of Scots leaseholders or owner occupiers surveyed have heard of heat pumps, with one in five saying they are likely or very likely to install a heat pump within the next five years.