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mother washes child in the shower whilst trying to save water

Save water in the shower

When you save water you can also cut down your energy bills. Changing your shower routine is particularly useful to both cut down water usage and save money.
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A concerned mother with a baby on her lap looking at energy bills

New Scottish Government funding to help advice services in Scotland

The Scottish Government has awarded an extra £1.2m in funding to Home Energy Scotland.
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image shows a heating technician installing an air source heat pump

How can heat pumps save you money?

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to heat your home? Heat pumps run on electricity and can save you money in the process.
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close up of someone holding a smart meter in one hand and cup of coffee in the other

Saving energy and money with smart meters

A smart meter can help you save energy and money by reducing your energy consumption.
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Woman riding her bike for cycle to work day

Cycle to Work Day

Today is Cycle to Work Day - an annual event hosted by Cyclescheme that encourages commuters across the UK to get on their bike. Cycling comes with a number of benefits - it’s great for your health, cuts pollution and can even save you some money.
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Helping organisations give good advice on heat pumps

We offer free training to help you give good advice to householders on life with a heat pump – from how it works and what kind of home it works well in, to getting to grips with the controls and how to get the best from them
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Mother and Daughter are Sitting on a Sofa in the Living Room, They Use Tablet Computer to research Warmer Home Scotland. It's Evening, Room is Cozy and Warm.

More householders eligible for Scottish Government funding

The Scottish Government has announced changes to the eligibility criteria for Warmer Homes Scotland which could help around 110,000 more households across Scotland.
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Two roommates unpacking in their new apartment. These renters will want to save on their energy bills

How renters can save on their energy bills

Rent your home? Whilst there are likely some limitations on what you can do to save energy we can still help you figure out how to keep your bills down.
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man using hand cycle for active travel purposes

How active travel can save you money

Thinking about how you could reduce your car usage? Active travel – walking, wheeling and cycling – decreases air pollution.
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