Renewable energy

Generating your own electricity and heat and making your home greener is easier than you might think.

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Lots of us are concerned with having a warm home, improving comfort, and reducing our energy bills. Fortunately, you can do all of these things while also making your home more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and with a lower carbon footprint.

For example, you could generate electricity or heat for your home using renewable energy. This renewable power comes from continually replenished natural sources such as the sun, wind, or water.

Generating your own electricity and heat and making your home greener is easier than you might think, thanks to our free, impartial advice and help accessing financial support.

Renewable energy

Solar panels

Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that you can use in your home. Find out more about the workings of solar panels, the installation benefits, and how we can help you transition to solar power.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines harness the wind's power to generate electricity. Learn about wind turbines, how they work, the installation benefits, and how we can help you switch to wind power.

Micro combined heat and power

Micro combined heat and power (often called micro CHP) is a technology that generates heat and electricity simultaneously from the same energy source in individual homes or buildings. Discover more about micro CHP on Energy Saving Trust's website.


Also known as hydro systems, hydro turbines, or micro-hydro systems, hydroelectricity converts the potential energy of water moving downhill into kinetic energy in a turbine which drives a generator to produce electricity. The greater the height and the more water flowing through the turbine, the more electricity generated. Find out more about hydroelectricity, installation benefits, and how we can help you convert to a hydro system.

Renewable and low-carbon heating options

An efficient heating system that runs on low-carbon fuel is one of the most important steps you can take to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions.

Visit Energy Saving Trust's guide to heating your home for more information on:

  • heat pumps
  • boilers
  • electric heating
  • biomass
  • solar water heating
  • heating controls
  • thermal energy stores
  • micro combined heat and power.

Check your renewable energy options

If you’re considering renewables, you can check which renewable systems are suitable for your property using the Home Renewables Selector.

This calculator shows the most appropriate green energy options based on your property. It assesses how much carbon and money you could save by installing specific technologies - use it today to find out more.

Use the Home Renewables Selector
air source heat pump

The Green Homes Network

Want to know what it's really like living with renewables?

The Green Homes Network features more than 300 homes across Scotland, with homeowners who have installed renewable technologies like heat pumps and solar panels. They want to share their experiences; you can even book a visit to a green home and see the technologies for yourself. 

Search the Green Homes Network
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