Embrace greener travel

Climate change and the cost of living are immediate and urgent problems.

Transport plays a critical role in the solution. Discover how to embrace sustainable travel to suit your needs and budget while saving money and helping the planet.

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Active travel

Did you know 44 percent of journeys are under 3km?

Active travel—such as walking, wheeling, and cycling—is an excellent option for those shorter, everyday journeys. But active travel isn't just great for your wallet and the environment; it's also great for our mental and physical health and has plenty of community benefits.

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eBikes, cargo, and adapted cycles

Riding an electric bike instead of taking the car could help you save carbon emissions and money.

Electric bikes - or ebikes - including cargo and adapted cycles, are fantastic as a much more affordable, healthy, and low-carbon alternative to shorter car journeys.

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Electric vehicles 

Electric vehicles are a tremendous investment because of their lower running and refuelling costs. They can also help you reduce your driving-related carbon emissions.

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Low emission zones (LEZs)

There are low emission zones (LEZs) in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee. LEZs set minimum emission standards for specific areas, allowing penalty-free access to the least polluting vehicles to improve air quality. 

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Transport Scotland offers a variety of funding to support people in transitioning to more sustainable transport modes. Funding includes electric vehicle loans, vehicle disposal grants and home charge point grants.