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The Home Energy Check helps you understand how to lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable. Get personalised reports specific to you and your home - along with clear and impartial estimations on likely costs and savings you could make. 

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Simply answer some questions about your home, and we'll send you a personalised report with suggested improvements and cost savings. 

Why should I use the Home Energy Check?

The Home Energy Check helps you to think about energy-saving home improvements. The tool works out how much energy you're using and then suggests ways to cut down the cost of your energy bills.

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Important information about the Home Energy Check 

Every home is different and we make a number of assumptions about you and your home when we put together the advice in this tool. It’s important that you use the advice in this tool only as a first indication of improvements that might be suitable for your home. You should get in touch with Home Energy Scotland or speak to reputable, expert installers or energy assessors before deciding to invest in any new energy-saving improvement.

We calculate our energy-saving figures on the basis that the home improvements are correctly installed and maintained. The amount of heat you use, your appliance use, and your resulting fuel bills will affect how much you save from different improvements. 

You can change our default assumptions about fuel bills in the “Your fuel bills” section of the Home Energy Check. We also assume that, after improving your home, you keep your heating at the same level. 

We hope the Home Energy Check inspires you to think about energy-saving home improvements.

Remember, Home Energy Scotland and Energy Saving Trust cannot be held liable for any decisions or actions you may take based on the information provided in the Home Energy Check.

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What should I do after receiving home energy-saving suggestions?

As well as ways to improve your home, the Home Energy Check also details estimated installation costs to give a rough idea of how much you would need to spend as well as the associated potential savings. Based on this, you can plan the improvements you'd like to make. 

You might be eligible for funding to put towards the energy-saving improvements. Our Funding Finder can help you find the grants, loans, and discounts in your area. 

If you do decide to install an energy-saving improvement, we recommend getting three quotes from accredited installers before starting any work.

It may also be helpful to have your mortgage documents or an Energy Performance Certificate on hand to help with the accuracy of information about your home. An Energy Performance Certificate gives information about your home's energy efficiency and how to improve it. It can also help you speed up the process of getting funding. 

Check the Scottish EPC Register to get your Energy Performance Certificate and find out about accredited installers in your area.

What other home energy-saving options are there?

We have plenty of energy-saving tips to make your home warmer and save money. Energy Saving Trust also has some great resources on using your current heating controls efficiently and how installing DIY draught-proofing can help you save money and energy. 

If you have any questions about your Home Energy Check report or want help taking the next steps to improving your home’s energy efficiency, we're here to help. Speak to one of our friendly advisors by contacting Home Energy Scotland today.