Greener heat

Having a warm home, improving comfort and reducing fuel bills are big priorities for homeowners in Scotland. You can do all of these things whilst also making your home more environmentally friendly, sustainable and with a lower carbon footprint. With advice and financial support, making your home green is easier than you might think.

air source heat pump with a dark brown fence to the right

What is greener heating?

Greener heating typically refers to heating systems that emit low or zero carbon emissions at the point of use. These include: 

  • heat pumps (air source, ground source, or water source)
  • electric boilers
  • electric storage heaters
  • solar water heating
  • heat networks/district heating
  • biomass.

Installing a greener form of heating can help you reduce your carbon footprint and also save on your energy bills.

Learn more about the different ways to heat your home from Energy Saving Trust. Alternatively, check how to generate renewable energy or green heat for your home.

Greener heat: costs and savings

If you're considering installing a greener heating system, such as a heat pump, you can check which systems could work best in your home by using the Home Renewables Selector.  

This nifty online calculator will show you the most suitable options based on your property details, how much money and carbon you could save, and what financial incentives may be available.

Heat pumps

Some 21 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes, with three quarters coming from our heating and hot water.

Heat pumps, usually air source or ground source, are modern, low-carbon heating systems. They are much more energy efficient than boilers and traditional electric heating. Heat pumps will play a crucial role in addressing the climate emergency and meeting net zero carbon targets.

If you're considering installing a heat pump, our information on heat pumps will  help you determine which system might suit you, the potential savings, and any financial help available to help you install it.

Find out more about heat pumps
An air source heat pump up against a grey house wall with a small dark brown fence on the right

Find a quality installer

If you've already worked out which type of greener heating is right for you and are ready to install, use the Renewables Installer Finder. You can use this handy tool to look at details and reviews of accredited installers throughout Scotland who can do the work for you.

Use the Renewables Installer Finder
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