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Home Energy e-learning

Help your colleagues save energy and money

By using our fun, free online training tool, you and your colleagues can learn how to save money and energy at home and tackle the climate emergency. Email us today to find out more.

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What’s in it for your colleagues?

Users take a virtual tour of a typical home, identifying energy saving hotspots and discover how much money and energy they could save by making simple changes. They’ll get a personalised action plan to download and take away, with tips and details of funding and support to make energy saving home improvements.

Get in touch to start using the tool and help your colleagues:

  • Learn how to save hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills
  • Stay warmer and comfortable at home
  • Find out about funding and support from the Scottish Government
  • Be part of a greener and healthier Scotland, by saving natural resources and reducing pollution

What’s in it for your organisation?

Over 7,500 employees of 50 organisations, councils and NHS boards are already using our e-learning tool. Here are some of the benefits of joining them:

  • Offer your staff an innovative employee engagement benefit that, unlike similar e-learning tools, costs you absolutely nothing
  • Staff can use the tool at a time and place that suits – perfect for people working from home
  • Create a happier workforce and increase productivity
  • Energy saving knowledge can transfer to the workplace – ultimately saving your business money too
  • Achieve corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals
  • Help your business achieve accreditations and apply for awards, like VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards


“An invaluable addition to our training resources. The information is relayed in a fun, interactive way and keeps the reader’s attention.”

Andy Mouat, Principal Officer, Carbon Management Team, Glasgow City Council

Home Energy e-learning

How do you access the tool?

All you need is internet access and a spare half an hour. Users get their own individual learning accounts, giving them flexibility to access at home or work and the option to return at any time. They also get a handy user guide to start them off and our team offers full support if there’s any questions.

Get started

Drop our employee engagement team an email to find out how we can help your organisation.

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