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How the water saving pack has helped Peter

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Water is vital to our everyday lives. 

We use it every day for cooking, cleaning, drinking, taking a shower and flushing the loo. 

Since 2017, Home Energy Scotland has been working with Scottish Water to help householders reduce their energy bills and carbon footprints by taking simple steps to save water.

The project helps householders in specific areas by giving them free water saving packs.  

We’ve asked our customers to let us know what they think about the support given from Home Energy Scotland to help them reduce their water usage. 

Find out what Peter from Edinburgh thought about the water saving pack he received:

“I suppose that before the pack I didn’t really think that water was a problem in Scotland.  I hadn’t really thought about the energy needed to process water either.

Before I received the brochure and leaflet, I was just trying to make sure that I limited my water use as much as possible and I collected a bit of water in the garden to water my plants.

The brochure and leaflet made me think more about the energy use associated with water in Scotland.

So now I turn off the tap when brushing my teeth and only boil as much water as I need when I use the kettle to try and reduce the amount of energy I use at home. Not that you need hot water to brush your teeth, but you just get into a habit of always turning the tap off when you’re not using it.

The pack made me think more about the energy required to process and clean water before it arrives at my home, and this encouraged me to change my behaviour.”

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Want to play your part?  

Check out these water saving tips and find out more about the benefits of saving water. You can also speak to a Home Energy Scotland advisor on 0808 808 2282 or request a call back on our contact form.