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Kathleen Harrison, Warmer Homes Scotland customer

New heating system

Kathleen Harrison (66) from Bankfoot, Perthshire, contacted Home Energy Scotland after being recommended by her partner. Kathleen was having problems with her old electric heaters which were difficult to control. They were either over heating or not heating up enough.

Kathleen explained: “The bills were going to be enormous, so I decided I needed to look into something else.” And that’s when she contacted Home Energy Scotland to enquire about a heat pump system.

Bankfoot, where Kathleen lives, has no gas supply so many of the homes in the area only have storage systems. Kathleen knew that heat pumps were an option she could consider. After calling Home Energy Scotland she was advised she’d need new radiators and, in no time, everything was getting fitted.

Kathleen said ”In 24 hours I had 7 new radiators, a heat pump and a new boiler – all paid for by Warmer Homes Scotland. Everything worked out really well and I definitely think I chose the right system for the house. It has had a huge impact on my wellbeing as I was always getting so stressed with my older heaters and the high bills.  I have to worry less about the bills now, and I am now warm and comfortable. Before, I was either cold or I was roasting.

“It was really a fairly simple process from when the survey took place to the work taking place; it felt like no time at all. I would definitely recommend it, because it’s been really, really good. Everyone was so friendly, and I feel very lucky that things went so smoothly. And, as we go into winter, I am actually looking forward to it as I am delighted with my new heating system.”

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Picture courtesy of Daily Record