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Save water in the shower

mother washes child in the shower whilst trying to save water

When you choose to save water you can also help cut down your energy bills. With the average household in the UK using 165 litres of water per day there is plenty of room to cut down your usage.

The bathroom is one of the areas in the home where we use the most water. In particular, changing your showering habits allows you to save water and save money on the cost required to heat the water. Here are some tips on how to cut your water usage by changing your shower routine.

Swap your baths for showers

Whilst showers still use a lot of water, they still use much less than baths. Many of us love a relaxing soak in the bath but even small changes can come with savings. Opting for the shower instead of the bath just once a week can save you £12 per year on your energy bills.

Save water with a shower timer

Did you know the average person showers for seven and a half minutes? Cutting this down to four minutes can save a family of four £115 per year on their heating bills. You can do this by investing in a shower timer. These inexpensive devices will alert you once you’ve been in the shower for a certain amount of time.

You can also change how you shower to save even more water and money. Only use the shower when you actually need the water to rinse to further cut down your energy costs. If you need to wait for the shower to heat up, you can collect this water and reuse it elsewhere – such as watering plants.

Change your shower head to save water

Many standard shower heads aren’t water efficient. You can save water by investing in a more efficient option. These shower heads are relatively cheap and many of them offer the same water pressure as a regular shower head. The average family of four could save £55 per year on their gas bills by making this simple swap.

Speaking of shower heads – make sure it doesn’t drip once you’ve switched it off. This could add up and waste thousands of litres of water per year. You might need to replace the washers or get it checked; but you might just need to check it’s turned off properly.

Water saving is great for the environment and, when it comes to hot water, helps cut down your energy bills. Adopting a few small changes really adds up when it comes to reducing how much you spend on your heating bills.

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