The benefits of saving water

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Water plays a big part in our everyday lives. We use it every day for cooking, cleaning, drinking, taking a shower, or flushing the loo. But did you know that, on average, everyone in Scotland uses around 165 litres of water a day? Or that one fifth of the energy we use at home is dedicated to heating water?   

As we are all at home more now, we are using more water and energy, so you might be worried about your energy bills. Reducing the amount of water we use every day we can keep energy bills down, reduce our carbon emissions and protect our natural environment too. 

That’s why Scottish Water and Home Energy Scotland are working in partnership to help householders reduce their energy bills by saving water.


How have we helped?  

Since 2017, we have helped more than 52,000 householders throughout Scotland.  We have provided free tailored water and energy saving advice, as well as free water saving devices, through Home Energy Scotland’s dedicated advice service and (before the lockdown) face-to-face events, which we’ve now adapted into webinars.   

We recently evaluated the impact of the project. Results showed that:  

  • 86% of the people we’d supported had made some changes following the advice we gave them. They either adopted new water-saving behaviours, or installed a new water saving device.  
  • 91% of those we’d helped felt they saved water and/or energy as a result of taking on board the advice they had received from Home Energy Scotland and changing their behaviour.   

In one of the case studies we produced as part of the evaluation, a householder reported that they’d reduced their energy bills by £10 per month after they received the advice!  

But what makes us most proud is that 93% of the respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied with the water saving advice they received.  In total we estimate the project has helped customers to achieve lifetime savings of £400,500 and 1,050 tonnes of CO2 through reducing the amount of hot water they use. 

It’s not just about individuals 

We’ve also helped communities through localised water efficiency campaigns, organising various activities such as challenges, events (now webinars) and tailored communications. Our evaluation showed that 71% of those we had helped felt that being part of community focused campaigned had encouraged them to take action, which they might not normally do.  More than 80% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the water efficiency campaign made them feel that their community was a good place to live. 

Want to find out more?  

It’s clear that saving water has numerous benefits for individuals and communities.   

If you’re a householder and want to receive tailored water and energy efficiency advice to help you to reduce energy bills, or simply protect Scotland’s beautiful environment, get in touch with one of Home Energy Scotland’s advisors on 0808 808 2282. It’s completely free. 

If you’re part of a community group and would like to organise a water efficiency webinar to help your community reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint, please contact