Thermostats and heating controls

Your guide to thermostats and central heating controls.

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What are heating controls? 

Heating controls help control when the heating system operates and the temperature in each room. They can range from traditional, manual heating controls to internet-connected apps on your phone that learn your habits and adjust settings automatically. 

Heating controls are constantly improving, helping us better control the heat in our homes. However, research shows that few people really understand their controls, and many simply don’t use them.

Guide to thermostats and central heating controls

Proper heating controls are crucial in keeping your home warm and comfortable while keeping your energy costs low so it's important to understand the different types of heating controls, how they work, and how to use them properly. 

Effectively managing your heating controls - regardless of what type of system to have - can make a massive difference to how warm and comfortable your home feels and ensures you’re not wasting energy and money. There are lots of different options available to help you take control, from boiler thermostats and room thermostats to radiator controls and even smartphone apps.

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Types of heating controls 

There are various types of heating controls, for example: 

  1. a time-controlled programmer 
  2. at least one room thermostat 
  3. thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) if you have radiators 
  4. a cylinder thermostat if your system has a hot water cylinder. 

Modern heating systems offer additional control functions to make your system run more cost and energy efficient too.

Upgrading your heating controls

You can upgrade or install heating controls independently of your boiler and you should think about doing so if your system lacks a programmer, at least one room thermostat, or TRVs on your radiators. Smart controls may also help increase your heating efficiency and reduce energy costs.

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Using your heating controls

Using your heating controls correctly will improve your home's comfort and make it more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. 

To use your heating controls effectively, consult the manufacturer's manual or your installer for specific advice. 

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