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Five actions you can take today to help colleagues reap the benefits of active travel

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Signs of spring are beginning to show in Scotland so now is the perfect time to get rolling with active travel plans. Walking, cycling, wheeling and scooting are widely known to improve mental and physical health, improve air quality and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Make your workplace a happier and healthier space with these five active travel actions that you can start now!

1. Visit the Way to Work website

Way to Work is a one-stop shop for active and sustainable travel information for Scottish workplaces. The website is dedicated to supporting employers and employees across Scotland to take action on greener and healthier travel. Find funding, resources, news and more.

2. Join the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge 1-31 March

Sign up for the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge between 1-31 March, as an individual, a team or as part of your workplace by leaving your car behind and logging your sustainable journeys. And for the first time, if you are working from home, you can also record your local journeys too!

Simply register online to log the journeys you make by foot, bike, scooter, public transport and car-share. Over £4000 worth of Scotland Loves Local cards are up for grabs for use at hundreds of shops in your local area.

Register before Tuesday 1 March 2022 to enter the early bird prize draw where you can win a £30 Scotland Loves Local card. Sign up for FREE today! #JourneyChallenge

3. Book a sustainable travel workshop for your workplace with Home Energy Scotland

Explore greener ways to get around with our free, fun and interactive workshops. Delivered online or at your workplace, Home Energy Scotland offers sustainable travel workshops which can be tailored to the interests of your colleagues whether that is active travel, electric vehicles and funding options or ebike trials. Contact us to book your workshop.

4. Achieve a Walk at Work Award with Paths for All

The Walk at Work Award is an accreditation scheme for Scottish employers, recognising organisations that support staff to be active in and around the working day.

The award helps workplaces with the know-how to foster a walking culture that encourages and supports physical activity at work. To help you achieve the award, we provide guidance on planning your project, developing activities, improving facilities and signposting to resources. The Walk at Work Award can be achieved by any size of organisation with a desire to help staff lead a healthier lifestyle across any sector or location in Scotland. Find out more at Paths for All.

5. Get out there!

Build active travel into your workday by organising walking meetings, cycling to work with a colleague or lunchtime strolls. In addition to the health benefits, you may discover shortcuts, new sights and sounds, a new local business, or maybe even a new favourite walk or wheel through nature. Make the most of the spring weather and get out there!

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