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How active travel can save you money

man using hand cycle for active travel purposes

Thinking about how you could reduce your car usage? Active travel – walking, wheeling and cycling – decreases air pollution.

It’s great for both your own health and the general health of your community. It can also save you money! Why not think about a regular journey you might be able to replace with active travel?

Electric bikes

Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, are the perfect way to tackle longer or hillier journeys. They come with an onboard motor that assists you as you pedal – making them easier to ride than traditional bikes. They offer an accessible way to start or get back into cycling and reap the cost, environmental and health benefits.

“Transport is the largest contributor of carbon emissions in Scotland, with air pollution in towns and cities causing health issues. Scottish towns and cities are on a journey towards cleaner air, but further progress is required. With over half of journeys in Scotland being under 5km, active travel (walking, wheeling, and cycling) should be the preferred method of transport for short journeys offering considerable benefits to our communities, personal health, and the environment.” said Tim Anderson, Group Head of Transport at Energy Saving Trust.

Walking and wheeling

Walking and wheeling are also great ways to get around for short distances. A daily walk can significantly reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes by 40% and depression by 30%. You’ll also shave 29kg off your carbon emissions per year by choosing to walk or wheel instead of taking the car for 1 mile per week.

Transport accounts for over a third of Scotland’s carbon emissions. Opting for active travel will help the entire country cut down our carbon footprint. It will also save you money, improve your health and reduce pollution in your community.

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