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Big and little switches to reduce your energy bills

Orange lamp shining light on a plug socket. Turning sockets off is a great little switch to reduce your energy bills.

Most people who contact Home Energy Scotland are looking for ways to cut their energy bills, wondering how much their energy bills will go up, or wanting to make sure they’re not paying more than they should. There are plenty of ways you can save money – whether you’re looking to invest in your property or simply want to make some quick fixes.

That’s why we’ve launched our Big Switch Little Switch campaign on Instagram – offering advice on the different kinds of switches you can make to save money on your energy bills. Big switches will require a bit of investment, whilst little switches are changes you can put in place right now. Regardless of which kind of switch you want to make, we can help you.

What help is there to make the big switches to reduce my energy bills?

Big switches are things like insulation, renewables and draught-proofing. They usually take more time and will cost more money initially – but will save more in the longer term. With that in mind we have a number of programmes that can help you make these switches.

You can see what funding is available here, or use our handy funding finder tool.

What kind of little switches can I make to reduce my energy bills?

Little switches are things like opting for LED energy saving bulbs, reducing your shower time and making sure your appliances are switched off at the wall. These are quicker to make and usually free or very low cost – most of the time you just need to develop the habit.

Energy Saving Trust has a great article on their website about all the little switches you can make to cut down your energy bills. This is updated along with the price cap – so you’ve always got up to date figures based on current energy prices.

Renters, in particular, can benefit from little switches. These might seem small but they all add up to cheaper heating bills. Check out our tips for renters here.

We also have a competition where you can test out your energy saving knowledge. The quiz is composed entirely with information about little switches. You could even win £750 by leaving your details.

And we have our Home Energy Check tool where you can find out more about the kind of switches you can make around the home. There’ll be some big switches in there – but plenty of little switches too.

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For the next two weeks we will be sharing big switches and little switches over on our Instagram account. Give us a follow to stay in the know about how you can reduce your energy bills. You can find us @HomeEnergyScot.