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Congratulations to Scotland’s first water efficient village

Water efficient award

Dunkeld and Birnam, with the support of a successful partnership between Scottish Water and Home Energy Scotland, have been crowned Scotland’s first water efficient village after collectively saving 1m litres of water in a year.

The award is the first of its kind and was presented at the annual Birnam Highland Games by local MSP and Deputy First Minister John Swinney at the end of August.

The challenge came about after the Climate Café, a local meet-up group that discusses and takes action on climate change, approached Scottish Water to help raise awareness on water and energy efficiency in the community. They knew that using water wisely has a positive impact on the local environment, and also saved energy bills too.

They wanted a something to aim towards and Scottish Water duly obliged, setting them a target of saving 1 million litres of water over a year. 

Since the target was set our Home Energy Scotland advisors have been out in the community to raise awareness, providing water saving tips and free water efficiency devices to help the people of Dunkeld and Birnam save water, energy and money.

The devices – such as eco-showerheads, shower timers and toilet cistern displacement devices – along with showing people how to change day to day behaviour have played a big part in helping householders in their continued efforts to save water.

Dunkeld and Birnam residents really rose to the challenge successfully achieving the target and raising awareness of the need to be water-wise no matter where you are.

Presenting the award, John Swinney said: “The people of Dunkeld and Birnam have set a great example for others all over the country, and it is only right that they are recognised for their efforts to reduce water usage.  Our water is one of Scotland’s greatest assets, but it is also a precious resource that we shouldn’t take for granted.  Using water wisely, whatever the weather, is a great way both to combat climate change and become more resilient to its effects.” 

Find out more about how Dunkeld & Birnam managed this huge water saving and the challenge set to the community. 

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