Win £750 worth of appliances and gadgets to make your home more energy efficient

Win £750 worth of appliances and gadgets to make your home more energy efficient

Our advice competition is now live.

Young woman celebrates winning in the HES competition
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Written by Home Energy Scotland
Published July 2024

Dehumidifiers, kettles, air fryers, heated mattress covers, smart lighting, air purifiers, toasters, slow cookers, smart TVs, and solar energy kits. These were just some of the energy-saving appliances that the winners of our last competition chose. 

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The competition is live again, and we’re offering 10 lucky winners the chance to each collect £750 worth of appliances and gadgets to make their home more energy efficient. You’ll get to pick your own prizes – you could even kit out your whole kitchen! 

Simply answer four questions about energy saving, greener choices and carbon reduction - don't worry, we'll help you along the way. You'll get some good advice and see that small changes can make a big difference to your pocket and the planet. 

Why choose an energy-efficient appliance? 

Rising energy costs and increasing environmental concerns mean that every effort to reduce energy consumption makes a difference. By integrating energy-efficient appliances into your home, you not only cut down on your utility bills but also contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Check out our page filled with tips on easy ways to save energy.

Hear from last year’s winners 

I'm genuinely delighted to win these prizes, I'd been thinking of buying both a decent new air fryer and a dehumidifier for quite some time but never actually got round to it!
Doug from Aberdeen
I am delighted to have won! I am always looking at ways to conserve energy and Home Energy Scotland is a regular source of advice that I find helpful. Winning in the quiz was a big bonus too. I can’t wait to put these prizes to use.
Brian from Larkhall
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