Heat pump heroes

Heat pumps will play a crucial role in meeting Scotland's net-zero targets.

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But first, learn more about our heat pump heroes' experiences of switching to low-carbon heating.


Heid installed an air source heat pump at her ground floor Edinburgh flat to replace her gas boiler and reduce her carbon emissions.

Home Energy Scotland helped her explore her options and find a certified installer through Energy Saving Trust’s Renewables Installer Finder.

Heid was very impressed with the process of upgrading her heating system. She said: "It’s great to know so much about the hot water and heating system that we have and I’m very happy with the customer service I received from the various providers like installers and manufacturers."

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Ann transformed her detached home in Dunblane with an air source heat pump, solar panels, and an electric vehicle charge point.

She took advantage of the interest-free Home Energy Scotland Loan to help fund the installation costs.

Ann believes installing the heat pump has reduced her emissions and shielded her from the impact of energy price increases.

She added: "Even with the purchase of an electric car 14 months ago and absorbing those electricity costs, plus the huge rise in prices, our energy direct debits are currently about the same as when we lived in a flat in Edinburgh over four years ago."

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Ann heat pump hero


Philippa installed an air source heat pump to reduce her home’s carbon footprint.

She applied for a Home Energy Scotland Loan, funded by the Scottish Government, to cover the costs.

Philippa was very impressed with how quick it was to install the heat pump system, taking just two days.

Philippa said: "We're really pleased to have been able to make such a significant step in reducing our carbon footprint".

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Philippa heat pump hero

John and Laura

When John and Laura’s gas boiler packed up, they took the opportunity to install an air source heat pump alongside new solar panels.

They applied for an interest-free Home Energy Scotland Loan, funded by the Scottish Government, to help cover the costs.

The couple is happy that “we’ve drastically cut out carbon footprint” and, as energy and petrol prices keep rising, “our renewables systems are keeping our costs down. Once you have a heat pump, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.”

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John Laura heat pump hero


Toby replaced his electric storage heaters with an air source heat pump. Not only is his home now much cosier, but his energy bills have also reduced.

Toby used the Renewables Installer Finder to find an installer and applied for an interest-free loan funded by the Scottish Government to cover the installation costs.

Toby said: "We couldn’t have installed without the Home Energy Scotland Loan. The assistance available from the Scottish Government was a real no-brainer."

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Toby heat pump hero


Ruth installed an air source heat pump at the 150-year-old stone cottage she was renovating to rent out.

She applied for an interest-free loan, funded by the Scottish Government, to help cover the costs. Without this, Ruth says she wouldn’t have installed it “because we had so much else to pay for during the renovation.”

The energy savings she’ll make will help to cover her interest-free loan repayments. Of the fully renovated cottage, Ruth said: "Everyone who’s visited has been really impressed with how warm the house is and that there’s constant hot water", and her tenants “love that the house is warm and cosy”.

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Ruth heat pump hero

David and Pauline

David and Pauline installed an air source heat pump because “reducing our home’s total energy use just made sense to us.”

The heat pump warms their home more slowly, as opposed to warming and cooling it as a gas boiler does, which David states is ideally suited to him working at home.

If you want to reduce your carbon emissions, the couple said: “Get a heat pump: they’re great, and they’ll reduce your energy use.”

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David Pauline heat pump hero


When Gordon and his family were building their new home, they wanted to make it as energy-efficient as possible.

Concerned about the future viability of gas, they installed an air source heat pump alongside solar panels. Gordon applied for an interest-free loan, funded by the Scottish Government, to help cover the cost.

“The decision to install the heat pump and solar panels was definitely one worth making.”

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Gordon heat pump hero


Jim's 110-year-old house isn’t on the gas network. So, when his old oil system became unreliable, he decided to “get off oil”.

Jim contacted Home Energy Scotland to find out how to make his home warmer and improve its environmental performance. He decided to install a ground source heat pump and says the advice he received “saved me money, stress, and time”.

After being impressed by the heat pump's reliability, cost, and energy efficiency, Jim said: “I wouldn’t go back.”

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Jim heat pump hero

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