Meet Heid

Heid installed an air-source heat pump in her ground floor Edinburgh flat to replace her gas boiler and reduce her carbon emissions.

Home Energy Scotland helped her explore her options and find a certified installer through Energy Saving Trust’s Renewables Installer Finder.

Heid was very impressed with the process of upgrading her heating system. She says “it’s great to know so much about the hot water and heating system that we have and I’m very happy with the customer service I received from the various providers like installers and manufacturers.”

Meet more Heat Pump Heroes


Ann says "we are not concerned about huge energy bill increases and it feels good not to be reliant on gas anymore."

John and Laura

John and Laura say their renewables systems "are keeping our costs down" and that "once you have a heat pump, you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner".


Philippa, whose heat pump was quick to install, says "we're really pleased to have been able to make such a significant step in reducing our carbon footprint".


Gordon says the decision to install a heat pump and solar panels in the home his family were building "was definitely one worth making.”


Ruth says “everyone who’s visited has been really impressed how warm the house is and that there’s constant hot water" and “my tenants love that the house is warm and cosy”.


Jim, who switched to a ground source heat pump when his old oil system became unreliable, is impressed by its reliability, cost and energy efficiency. He says “I wouldn’t go back.”