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Lisa’s ebike

Lis Peebles Photo

Lisa Peebles purchased ebikes for herself and her partner, using the interest-free loan available from Energy Saving Trust.


Glasgow-based Lisa, 48, borrowed an ebike via the Home Energy Scotland advice centre three years ago as she had heard about the benefits and wanted to try one out.

Lisa had no previous experience of ebikes, but soon discovered that the electric-assisted cycle made for a comfortable and enjoyable journey and gave her the extra boost she needed on steeper routes.


After the trial, Lisa learned about the eBike Loan and, following a successful application, used it to purchase her own electric-assisted cycle, and one for her partner. She found the overall purchase experience to be straightforward and that the specialist retailer she purchased the ebike from was highly knowledgeable and very supportive throughout the process.

Lisa said that Energy Saving Trust’s eBike Loan was a big motivator in her decision to purchase an ebike, as it allowed her and her partner to purchase the models that best suited their individual needs.


Lisa relies on cycling to get around and her ebike has transformed the way she engages with her environment. She has found that, with her new ebike, she can cycle for longer and further than she thought possible. Lisa also plans to use her ebike when the time comes to return to the office, as it will cut her commuting time by half.

Lisa has found that she still gets all the health and fitness benefits of a regular cycle, with the added boost from the electric motor for the more challenging hills in her local area.

“It has enabled me to think only about the quickest route to where I am going and not focus on avoiding those pesky hills! I feel amazing on my bike!” – Lisa Peebles

Available funding

Interest-free loans for ebikes, including cargo and adapted cycles, are available from Energy Saving Trust. The eBike Loan, funded by Transport Scotland, aims to make cycling as accessible as possible to everyone in Scotland. For more information speak to a Home Energy Scotland advisor using the contact us page.