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Mrs P can stay cosy at home thanks to help from Warmer Homes Scotland

Mrs P had just moved into a new home that she was finding very hard to heat. With winter fast approaching and an ageing boiler, she decided to get in touch with us to see what help might be available to her in order to stay cosy at home.

Based on what Mrs P told us, it looked like she would be eligible for Warmer Homes Scotland. We referred her to Warmworks, the organisation that manages Warmer Homes Scotland, so they could visit her property and carry out a survey.

The surveyor confirmed Mrs P was eligible for the scheme and arranged for new gas central heating to be installed, at no cost to her. She was very happy with how the installation went:

“The guys came in at about 8am and I went out until around 3pm and that was it, all done and functioning. The guy also took the time to put in a heat reflector for me behind the radiator, which was great.

“One of the original radiators was behind a door, it has been moved now so it’s completely free of the door and I’m now getting the full benefit from it, which is making a heck of a difference. I’m also in an old property and I always felt that one area of the room was a lot colder than the other, but not now. They even popped in a small radiator so there wasn’t a gap where the old one was! I was absolutely thrilled.

“They were very clean and tidy, one of the guys even came out and helped me in with my shopping when I got back! The whole thing has been a great experience.”

A Warmworks inspector visited Mrs P’s home a few days later to ensure everything was installed correctly. When asked about her overall experience of the scheme, Mrs P said:

“I was having difficulty heating the flat previously, but I now find myself going and turning the heating down! … I’ve had such a good experience, there was no problem at all.”

To find out more about funding and how to stay cosy at home, speak to one of our friendly advisors free on 0808 808 2282 or through our online contact form.