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Ruth’s ebike – a new way to commute

Woman riding on her Electric Bike

Ruth lives in Edinburgh and works for the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. A keen cyclist, she found that after an accident her 12 mile daily commute to work was becoming harder and she was driving more and more. Mindful of her CO2 emissions, she decided to look for an alternative when she heard about Energy Saving Trust’s interest-free eBike Loan, which is accessed through Home Energy Scotland. 

Being new to ebikes, Ruth trialled a few to see if one would work for her daily commute. Having no previous experience of ebikes, she first had to get used to the electrical assist before finding the one that she really liked. The process of applying for the loan was straightforward and quick. Ruth uses the money she is saving on fuel to help pay back her loan – over half of her monthly loan repayment is covered by the money she would have spent on fuel.

Ruth purchased her bike in December 2018 and cycled over 2,000 miles in 2019 – all commuting miles that would have otherwise been driven. As a result she feels fitter and loves the time spent outside, knowing that she is using a carbon neutral form of travel to get to work and back.

Ruth continued to use her ebike throughout the wet and windy winter months, and has found that the extra assistance given by the on-board motor helps her power through a Scottish headwind!

“It’s a lovely way to travel and it makes a longer commute like mine manageale. You don’t ever have to sit in traffic and, most important of all, it’s better for the planet.”

Interest-free loans for ebikes, cargo and ecargo bikes, and adaptive bikes and ebikes are available from Energy Saving Trust. The loan, funded by Transport Scotland, aims to make cycling as accessible as possible to everyone in Scotland.

For more information call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 or click here.