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Save energy with New Year’s resolutions

Group of people holding sparklers and celebrating new year

January is here, bringing a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to challenge ourselves with resolutions for the coming year. You can use resolutions to incorporate energy saving tips into your daily activities. With that in mind, here are four energy saving ideas to help you set your New Year’s resolutions.

Be more creative with cooking to save energy

Lots of people aim to cook more new dishes as a New Year’s resolution. Why not mix up your mid-week meals by cooking more sustainably? Using ingredients that are in season saves energy because it relies less on heated greenhouses to grow crops. For a new culinary experience, experiment with in-season ingredients you might not have used before. This handy seasonal food calendar from Scotland Food & Drink lets you know what food is in season throughout the year.

Learn how to upcycle

A common New Year’s resolution is to learn a new skill. Upcycling is a fantastic way to reduce waste and consumption, while saving you money. Don’t know where to start? Consider taking sewing classes, becoming a member of your local tool library or watching some tutorial videos online. Get creative with upcycling items you already own instead of buying new. Mending clothes and revamping furniture instead of replacing them makes a big positive impact on the environment. Zero Waste Scotland have a great guide to upcycling on their website.

Walk more

Being more active is a goal for lots of people following the festive period. If you need to get from A to B, consider walking instead of taking the car or bus. Walking is a great way to exercise and can also improve your mood. This is especially important during darker winter days where we all need a boost of positivity. It can be done almost anywhere, and no special equipment is needed. On top of all that, swapping out your drive to work makes a big difference to transport emissions and to your wallet. If you need a little help staying motivated check out Paths for All’s walk once a day info hub.

Stay up to date on how to save energy

Educate yourself about the latest energy news and how you can save money and energy at home. Having energy saving tips at your disposal can help you feel more in control of your bills and energy use. There’s always plenty to read on our website. We have lots of helpful information and about saving energy, reducing your bills and finding funding – as well as the latest updates on sustainable travel and keeping your home warm.

Sticking to traditional resolutions can be tricky and unsustainable. Switch things up this year and focus your resolutions on saving energy, to benefit yourself and the planet.

We wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at Home Energy Scotland.