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The Home Energy Scotland advice service – our customer feedback says it’s great!

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At Home Energy Scotland we strive to deliver the best service for all our customers. A key part of this is gathering feedback through surveys from as many customers as possible, so we can see what’s working well, and keep improving experience of our services for customers.

In June, 98% of our customers said the quality of service they received was excellent or very good, with 81% saying they would recommend us to their family and friends. In fact, we’re so good we’ve been rated by an industry scale* as being ‘world class’ on a par with the likes of John Lewis when it comes to putting the customer first.

This is great for us to hear – because we love to help!

One customer, Ms R, who received an email from us, got support to access a £140 discount from her energy provider. She said, “It couldn’t have come at a better time, and I actually passed the information on to a friend and she got the discount too.”

So why do our customers think Home Energy Scotland is such a great service?

Our advisors are what makes our free and impartial service so well received. They are friendly, patient and take time to help each customer with their enquiry. We don’t hurry customers, and they can take their time to talk through any concerns. Don’t just take it from us though:

“I have already passed on information to another person whom I hope will be able to get the same excellent service as myself.” J Robertson

“I felt the advisor really wanted to help me, took time to explain the processes and benefits, and was patient in dealing with my follow-up questions.” T Johnston

“I’ve drawn back the veil of uncertainty provided by UK energy suppliers and opened my eyes to the glory that is Home Energy Scotland!” Anonymous

“I found the service helpful and the advisors very knowledgeable, which is a stark contrast to other service providers I’ve dealt with recently.” Dave

“Excellent telephone manner, polite and friendly. The information was helpful and clear. If only other organisations could be more like this.” Susan

All our advisors go through extensive training before they start talking to our customers. Their calls are then regularly reviewed, with feedback sessions on the quality of their conversations with customers. They also get updated training and coaching throughout their time with us. This helps them provide the best possible service and supports them in their role.

So what do our advisors think?

Jack, Senior Advisor, said:

“I value this job and the work we do because it’s clear to see how much people benefit from it. You often hear people say “I thought this was too good to be true” when in fact, it is true and most certainly good!

Across the broad range of services we provide, it’s fulfilling to know we have the reach to speak to so many people about issues relating to sustainability, carbon reduction and fuel poverty. The fact that I get to do this with like-minded and compassionate colleagues who genuinely believe in great customer service is amazing. They are the ones who motivate me to come into work every day with an enthusiasm towards making a difference.”

Energy Advisor Michael said:
“I had a lady who called us about making her heating system more sustainable.  By the end of our very enjoyable conversation, she’d been referred to her energy supplier for extra support; arranged to send out some water saving devices and prepared a Home Energy report for her. We’d also explored various heating options and discussed the possibility of replacing her diesel car with an EV! We chatted through the suitability of these things for her lifestyle, funding options and likely cost savings in comparison with her current setup.

“It was a very natural conversation with someone who was motivated to reduce their personal carbon impact but just needed clear advice on what would be possible and how she could do it.  These calls are a joy and it’s so satisfying to know that as a result of our help, she is now confident to go ahead with making informed choices and that many of them will have a positive impact on climate change.”

Events advisor Eilidh said:

“In my role I get to speak to people at a variety of different events. I go to local employers, medical practice hubs, active travel events, and even little hubs at the HMP Edinburgh Visitor centre. These events mean I can provide advice to people with varying queries – from questions about reducing carbon emissions, to queries about how to help a family that are finding their bills too high.

“I enjoy the range of customers I can help within my role. As I return to some venues regularly, I enjoy being able to see the same people again and check in to see how they are getting on and if they have managed to use the advice I’ve given them to help save energy and money in their home.

With a team like this, it’s no wonder we’re achieving such a high rate of customer satisfaction, making us a world class service.

Remember, our advisors can support you with a wide range of free and impartial advice, including:

  • How to heat your home for less, and stay warm and comfy.
  • Exploring renewable energy and whether it will be suitable for your home.
  • Support for private sector landlords on how to make their properties more energy efficient.
  • How you can make greener travel choices to lower your carbon footprint
  • How to stop wasting water, which will save you energy and money
  • Funding – information on what grants and loans are available.

As we’re funded by the Scottish Government, all our advice is free and we can support everyone. So why not give us a call today on 0808 808 2282 and let us help you.

* Net Promoter Score – see https://www.netpromoter.com/know/