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How can heat pumps save you money?

image shows a heating technician installing an air source heat pump

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to heat your home? Heat pumps run on electricity (which can come from renewable sources) and can save you money in the process. Some can also be used to heat water.

There are a few different types and they work in different ways. Here’s a quick guide to renewable heat sources and how they could save you money.

What are heat pumps?

Heat pumps draw heat from external sources (usually the air or ground) and move it into your house. They run entirely on electricity so there’s no need to connect to the gas network or buy oil. They are essential for Scotland’s journey to net zero as a major source of renewable heat.

What’s the difference between ground source and air source?

As the name suggests, air source heat pumps draw heat from the air outside whilst ground source heat pumps take it from the ground beneath your home. They’re both still effective at cold temperatures and can easily replace your current central heating system. You can also get air-to-air but these don’t provide hot water, and water source too, but these are less common.

Can they reduce my energy bills?

Yes! The amount depends on what system you are replacing so it’s worth getting in touch with our advisors for more tailored advice. For example, if you replaced an A-rated gas boiler with a ground source heat pump, you could save around £144 on your annual energy bills. This saving depends on your home’s insulation and several other factors, but our advisors can help you determine what would be right for you.

How do heat pumps actually work?

They absorb heat from outside into a refrigerant (a type of liquid). This compresses the heat, which in turn increases its temperature. This can then be used to heat either the air or water in your home.

They can work in temperatures as low as -15C: meaning they work year-round in most parts of Scotland. It transfers more energy (in the form of heat) into your home than it takes in electricity – making it more efficient than a gas boiler. They are a great way to save money and cut your carbon emissions.

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