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New central heating through Warmer Homes Scotland programme

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June now has a winter-ready, cosy home thanks to support from Home Energy Scotland and funding from Warmer Homes Scotland. June McNamara is 80 and lives in South Lanarkshire. She got a new gas central heating system through Warmer Homes Scotland, a scheme from the Scottish Government which has helped more than 20,000 households in the past five years.

After struggling to keep her flat warm using old storage heaters, Mrs McNamara got an unexpectedly high bill from her energy supplier. She said, “When I received that bill, I couldn’t believe it. It caused me a lot of sleepless nights. My storage heaters were at least 30 years old and some of them did not work properly. Every day after getting washed, I had to run from my freezing cold bathroom to get dressed in another room.”

Mrs McNamara got in touch with us and a specialist Energycarer, Matthew, visited her at home to see what support she needed. Matthew helped Mrs McNamara apply for Warmer Homes Scotland and supported her throughout the installation process of her new central heating.

A delighted Mrs McNamara said,

“I thought the service was excellent. Although a lot of work had to be done, it was a very smooth process and really quick. Matthew was just so lovely and took away a lot of the stress. I don’t think I could have gone ahead with the installation without his help. Now I have a nice warm home – and bathroom! It’s made such a difference to me.”

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