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How renters can save on their energy bills

Two roommates unpacking in their new apartment. These renters will want to save on their energy bills

Rent your home? Whilst there are likely some limitations on what you can do to save energy we can still help you figure out how to keep your bills down. Here is a run down of the top tips we have for renters.

Reduce your energy consumption

There are a few quick fixes that you can implement without needing permission from the property owner. Think about where you’re using too much energy and alternatives on offer. For example, switching the tumble dryer for a rack in the summer will save you £70 per year. Energy Saving Trust has a great run down of quick fixes here.

Take control of your energy bills

If you pay your own energy bills then you can do a few things that will help you save. You don’t need permission from your landlord to get a smart meter installed. This will help you keep your consumption in check. Take a look at this article to find out more

Know what to look out for before you sign a lease

Always ask for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before you move into a property. This will give you a good idea of efficiency and what kind of energy bills you should expect. Also, check what temperature controls are in place and always know your rights when it comes to insulation and heating. Energy Saving Trust has a good guide to read through if you’re planning to move.

Prevent heat loss where you can

It’s usually the landlord that’s responsible for insulation, boilers and windows but there are a few things you can do yourself to reduce heat loss. Draught-proofing gaps can save you around £125 per year in heating costs. Heavy curtains and sealed blinds are also useful if you don’t have double glazing. If you live in a tenement, check out our blog on how to make your flat more energy efficient.

You might still be eligible for some funding

If you’re eligible for Warmer Homes Scotland funding then we will inform your landlord about what changes can be funded by the Scottish Government to reduce your energy bills. There are some extra restrictions for those in the private rented sector so check out our Warmer Homes Scotland page for info. If you’re not eligible, it’s worth letting your landlord know about how we can help them improve the property. We also offer loans for e-bikes and used electric vehicles which can help you cut down your transport bills. More info about those here.

Remember – the Home Energy Scotland service isn’t just for homeowners. Call us for free and impartial advice on 0808 808 2282, or get in touch by email to get tailored advice based on your personal circumstances and energy saving needs.